Thursday, 3 June 2010

Aloha June!

Holy crap, it's June!

This year is just flying by.  My parents always said that time goes by faster as you get older, and my god, they were right.  In the past year[-ish], I got married, two of my best friends got married [not to each other], I moved to London, we got our first apartment, my little brother got married, and I got a job [not perfect, but good for now].

In addition to getting married, just over a year ago, I was lounging on the beach with my new husband in Waikiki.  Since it's June, and raining like crazy here in London, I think I'll introduce a little sunny, island flavor to this site.  While in Hawaii on our honeymoon we stayed in an amazing little boutique hotel called Hotel Renew.  Hidden behind all of the large resort hotels along Waikiki Beach, this was the perfect hotel for rest and relaxation after a long wedding prep time [and did I mention that we were on different continents for 8 months before we were married?].

This is a pic of the guest room that we stayed in at the hotel.  Although it's minimal and sleek, it's still undeniably Hawaiian in feel [and not just because of that turquoise ocean outside].  From the crisp white bedding with the red/orange contrast blanket, to the black paneled walls and modern lighting, this space epitomizes both the fire and serenity of the islands.  Se below for where to buy.

In the UK: 1. Malm Bed Frame, £99 at Ikea; 2. Coral Velvet Pleats Cushion, £16 at Debenhams; 3. Pia Pendant, £35 at Habitat; 4. Abbott Chair, £199 from Marks&Spencer; 5. IKEA PS STOFF Throw £17.99 at Ikea; 6. ALVINE MEDALJONG Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, £49.99 at Ikea; 7. Concord Floor Lamp, £49 at Habitat.

In the US: 1. Henley Mandarin Pillow, $24.95 at Crate&Barrel; 2. Shelf Lamp with Natural Shade $37.99 at Target; 3. Tribeca Platform Bed, $359.99 at Target; 4. Damask Stripe Bedding, $49.99 at Target; 5. IKEA PS STOFF Throw $19.99 at Ikea; 6. Square Floorlamp with paper shade, $56.99 at Target; 7. Metropolitan Chair, $191.99 at Target.

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