Sunday, 27 June 2010

Have you seen my stapler?

 I need an office space [get it?].  Like, badly.  I was debating us getting a 2 bedroom apartment, just so I could have a place to get some crafty, furniture building, blog writing, design doing space.  At the moment, my drawing board sits behind the sofa [aka, the turd], and barely sees the light of day.  the Harari home of the future will have a nice big office/space over a garage/attic/basement.  A place to keep all of my interior design stuff [ie, fabrics, tiles, markers, pens, watercolors, etc.], tools, scraps of wood... and it will be wallpapered with Beatles paraphernalia [had to spell check that one].   Until then, I would appreciate even a small space of my own.  There's only one place in our entire flat that could hold a teeny desk and that's right in front of the window in the living room.  I have about 3.5 feet to work with, and I think a cute little desk like this would be glorious!

from Home Shopping Spy

Adorable and funky at the same time.  Dan said that he saw a used office furniture shop nearby, but I have yet to find it [he tends to take very long walks and loses track of time...], but I'd love to find an old, antique [but cheap] desk that I can refinish and add to my portfolio of furniture rescues.  Eek!  I'm excited already!  See below for where to buy...

In the UK:

1. LEKSVIK Desk, £79 at Ikea; 2. METROPOL Desk Lamp, £45 at Habitat; 3. Savannah Story Bust, Gazelle, £58 at Anthropologie; 4. Eames Eiffel DAR Lounge Dining Chair Green - Panton, £50 at; 5. Round Metal Mirror, £99 at Next; 6. Broken Stripe Purple Rug, £50-£199 at Next; 7. Union Jack Cushion £18.95 at

In the US:

1.  Stripes Rug - Purple (Rectangle), $149.99 at Target; 2. Antiqued Gold Round Mirror , £149.98 at Pier1; 3. Painted Flag Outdoor Lumbar Pillow, $35 at Pottery Barn; 4. Room Essentials® Double Shade Desk Organizer Lamp - Green, $12.99 at Target; 5.  Savannah Story Bust, Gazelle, $58 at Anthropologie; 6. Fabric Task Chair - Apple Green, $89.99 at Target; 7. Avington Desk - Dark Tobacco, $119.99 at Target.

Happy Sunday!

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