Monday, 31 May 2010

Top five

Here are my top five from this past week.  Mostly things that made me laugh or smile, but not necessarily design related.

#1: Top Movie: Zoolander

This still is from one of my favorite parts of that movie.  When Hansel (Owen Wilson) and Derek (Ben Stiller) are talking with Matilda (Christine Taylor) and she opens up about her past.  She tells the guys that she was the fat girl in school and Derek says, 'Eew!'  It's so quick, and makes me laugh every time.

#2: Bob Dylan

My husband just bought a 'Best of' Dyan album.  Amazing.  We've become mildly obsessed with it.  'Like a Rolling Stone' was one of my favorite songs as a kid, and I still love it.

#3: Absolute Classic Rock on DAB Digital Radio [not completely unrelated to #2]
Absolute Classic Rock
I have had the hardest time finding a radio station that I like around here.  Almost everything is Pop, which I have nothing against, I just like classic rock and oldies a lot more.  Unfortunately, I can't pick it up on FM radios, but it's nice to have at home.

#4: America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13

Now, I'm a season behind on my ANTM, but I really love getting a behind the scenes look at the photo shoots.  I couldn't care less about the household drama.  These ladies take some amazing pictures!  [I only put my top 3 faves in there... Nicole, Laura and Jennifer]

#5: Hawaii

I was unsure of a theme for next week, but as it has been over a year since we were on our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii, and I'm having withdrawals, I think I'm going to head in the direction of rest and relaxation, and life in the Hawaiian islands!  [I think my most recent viewing of ANTM may have swayed me as well]

Happy Memorial Day/Bank Holiday Monday!

And thanks to all our servicemen and women for all that they do.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Last nautical post... I promise.

I wasn't actually going to do another nautical post, however, my Good Homes July issue came in today and everything was seaside inspired.  Maybe I'm psychic...

Anyway, here's a really pristine looking dining room [taken from]

I think that the only thing that makes it look really nautical are the oars in the corner [but what a great way to add interest and height to the space].  It's very chic, without being pretentious.  Simple and clean.  Understated.  Amazing.  To be honest,  I would probably hit up the antique shops or flea markets for most of this stuff, but for the chain store versions, see below for where to buy.


In the UK: 1. Pemberly Cross Back Dining Chair, £79 at John Lewis; 2. Aladdin Stem Vases (set of 6) £12 Grahm & Green; 3. Pemberly Extending Dining Table, £199 at John Lewis; 4. Recycled Glass Hurricane Lamp, from £16.99 at Nordic House; 5. Contrast Napkin, Kingfisher, £3.50 at John Lewis; 6. Value Porcelain Dinnerware, £1-£2 each at John Lewis; 7. Wooden Oars, £25 on

In the US: 1. Lanni Chair, $59.99 at Ikea; 2. Cotton Teal Napkin, $3.95 at Crate&Barrel;  3. Antique Vanilla Table, $279 at JCPenney; 4. Wooden Oars, $14.99 at; 5. Avery Hurricanes, from $19 at Pottery Barn; 6. Turquoise Blue Dewdrop Vase, $35 at Pier1; 7. Prospect Park, 16 Piece Set, $24.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Happy holiday weekend, in the UK and US!  We're doing a mega house clean, pics to come once we're all spic-and-span!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Nappy Valley

So, they call this area of London 'Nappy Valley' [Diaper Valley for those of you who are Stateside].  You can not walk down the street for more than one minute without having to sidestep a baby stroller.  I think there's something in the water.  Since everyone and their mom [literally] that has walked into the shop today is wearing navy or red stripes, boat shoes, or some kind of polo shirt, I'll stick with the nautical theme and show off this cool nursery room that I found.

Taken from, I think the best part about this one is that it's fairly gender neutral [beside the fact that it says 'Luke' on the wall... it could easily say 'Lucy'].  I love that there's a mix of colors, not just red and blue, but there's some green and yellow, and variations of red and blue, like coral and teal.  The area rug really helps to tie everything together, and allows you to throw in whatever colors you want!  See below for where to buy!

In the UK: 1. Luca Cot, £69 at John Lewis; 2. Amy Table Lamp, £15 at John Lewis; 3. Barnslig Randig, £17.99 at Ikea; 4. Ektorp Jennylund, £149 at Ikea, 5. Deena Lamp Table, £149 at Habitat; 6. Guppy Rug, £95-£250 at John Lewis; 7. Tugboat Ornament, £20 at John Lewis; 8. APA Storage Box, £9.99 at Ikea

In the US: Graco Lauren Classic, $130 at Target; 2. Ass. Seashells Wall Art, $19.95 at Pier1; 3. Mainstays Chino Panel, Navy Stripe, $19.97 at Walmart; 4. Ektorp Jennylund, $229 at Ikea; 5. Mushroom Table, $79.99 at Target 8. Lusy Rug, $39.99 at Ikea; 9. Circo Toybox, $49.99 at Target; 10. Nova Lamp Base, $25 at Walmart.

Yes, I know I left off 6 & 7 in the US one, but it's less work to just pretend that I meant to do it...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Beginnings

I've started this blog to inspire myself and hopefully others with creative block.  I am an interior designer with nothing to design, so I hope by writing my thoughts and sharing some inspiration, I can push myself to create more [perhaps someone will pick up on my style and creativity and I'll get a job in the process]. I like to help people find inexpensive ways to make their home their own.  Through this outlet, I hope to not only keep up to date with retailers and current trends, but help others realize the potential of inexpensive furnishings so no one spends their life savings re-decorating their home.

To start with, the title of this blog 'Punkster Poodle' does not describe my style [I'm not a punk] or my adoration of poodles [not a huge fan].  It is a nickname that I was given by a combination of people.  It started as 'Punky' when my little brother couldn't say my name, and was berated with Punky Brewster in the late 80's.  It slowly morphed it's way into 'Punkin' by my parents, then to 'Punk' or 'Punkster' [which they still call me], and then to 'Punkster Poodle' and I'm still unsure of where the poodle came from...

I am an American living in London with my wonderful husband.  We have a nice little apartment in a great area of London, that I'm desperate to re-paint [all of the walls in this country are 'marigold' and it's disgusting... I have yet to find an interior that looks good in this color].  I am originally from Ogunquit, Maine, an amazing little tourist town in the Southern part of the state.  So with that, and to stave off homesickness and my overwhelming lobster cravings, I'm going to start with some nautical/New England inspiration.

This fun living room interior, taken from the Coastal Living website [] shows a brilliant mixing of color and pattern.  While red, white and blue tends to look a bit too patriotic in the US and UK [or anywhere with the colors on the flag for that matter] this interior is the perfect mix of modern and vintage.  I'm in love with that red striped chair.  If you do want to head in the more patriotic direction [I know that it's 'bang on trend' here in the UK at the moment] go for some cushions, or even flags if you want, to show your pride.  For where to buy similar versions of these items, US and UK, see below.

In the UK:  1. Sveje Rug. £8.99 at Ikea;  2. Liatorp Sofa Table. £129 at Ikea;  3. Blue Table Lamp. £2.24 at Argos;  4. Tokujin Yoshioka for Kartell Ami Ami Chair, Red. £132 at John Lewis;  5. Sailboats w/Hangers £7.50 at John Lewis;  6. Broadstairs Large Sofa, Blue Stripe.  £799 at John Lewis;  7. Windsor 8 Drawer Chest. £399 at Debenhams; 8. Coral Leaf Cushion. £16 at Debenhams;  9. Union Jack Cushion. £17.50 at Debenhams;  10. 3D Four Flower Cushion.  £35 at Marks & Spencer;  11. Red Boat Print.  £20-£240 at John Lewis.
Also check out the John Lewis Seaside Collection at

In the US:  1. Coral on Stand $14 at Pier1;  2. Indigo Stripe Slipcover $59.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond; 3. American Spirit 7 Drawer Dresser $759 at Macy's; 4. Svege Rug $12.99 at Ikea; 5. Two Umbrellas $37.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond;  6. Turquoise Glass Lamp $65 at Pier1;  7. Liatorp Sofa Table $199 at Ikea; 8. Isabella Dining Chair $139 at Crate & Barrel; 9. 3D Flowers Red Berry Pillow $24.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond; 10. Lucky Anchor Pillow $19.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.