Monday, 31 May 2010

Top five

Here are my top five from this past week.  Mostly things that made me laugh or smile, but not necessarily design related.

#1: Top Movie: Zoolander

This still is from one of my favorite parts of that movie.  When Hansel (Owen Wilson) and Derek (Ben Stiller) are talking with Matilda (Christine Taylor) and she opens up about her past.  She tells the guys that she was the fat girl in school and Derek says, 'Eew!'  It's so quick, and makes me laugh every time.

#2: Bob Dylan

My husband just bought a 'Best of' Dyan album.  Amazing.  We've become mildly obsessed with it.  'Like a Rolling Stone' was one of my favorite songs as a kid, and I still love it.

#3: Absolute Classic Rock on DAB Digital Radio [not completely unrelated to #2]
Absolute Classic Rock
I have had the hardest time finding a radio station that I like around here.  Almost everything is Pop, which I have nothing against, I just like classic rock and oldies a lot more.  Unfortunately, I can't pick it up on FM radios, but it's nice to have at home.

#4: America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13

Now, I'm a season behind on my ANTM, but I really love getting a behind the scenes look at the photo shoots.  I couldn't care less about the household drama.  These ladies take some amazing pictures!  [I only put my top 3 faves in there... Nicole, Laura and Jennifer]

#5: Hawaii

I was unsure of a theme for next week, but as it has been over a year since we were on our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii, and I'm having withdrawals, I think I'm going to head in the direction of rest and relaxation, and life in the Hawaiian islands!  [I think my most recent viewing of ANTM may have swayed me as well]

Happy Memorial Day/Bank Holiday Monday!

And thanks to all our servicemen and women for all that they do.

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