Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Time

So I haven't really thought about Christmas all that much this year.  Probably because I'm not going to be back home in Maine.  It becomes just another day when you're not in familiar territory [not that I haven't been in London-town for the past 3 Christmases, but it's unfamiliar all the same].  Nevertheless, I decided to decorate the apartment yesterday.  Nothing to crazy [although D thinks I go overboard... how easily he forgets what my parents house looks like this time of year], and nothing new to add to the collection [I can't believe you can't buy 'Fetus' First Christmas' ornaments].

Ha! Oh, so creepy... [but one of the many reasons I haven't been on here in quite some time].

Anyway... all of this Christmas talk got me thinking about my dream Christmas-y looking house, and I found this little gem:


I'm all about the traditional stuff when it comes to Christmas.  Real tree [though ours is fake because I cannot bring myself to buy one of the sad little trees around here], red, green and white everywhere, stockings hung by the chimney with care [again, we have no chimney, but they go where the chimney would have been had this house not been converted into 3 apartments].  I've thought this all through... but how cute is this area?  Not out-of-control Christmas crazy, but simple and sweet... and the furniture would look great any time of the year.

See below for where to get your Christmas on:

In the UK:

1. Slumber Sofa, £999 at Graham&Green; 2. Linen Snowflake Stocking, £15 at John Lewis; 3. Knodd Bin, £10.99 at Ikea; 4. Snowflake Heart Decoration, £2.99 at John Lewis; 5. Nathalie Chair, £499 at John Lewis; 6. Red Ribbed Throw, £20 at Debenhams; 7. Mistletoe Spruce Garland, £17.50 at Marks&Spencer; 8. Ludde Rug, £23.99 at Ikea; 9. Natural Felt Cushion, £28 at Debenhams; 10. Red London Markets Cushion, £24 at Debenhams.

In the US:

1. Mia Chair, $199 for 2 at Walmart; 2. Brick and Bamboo Bin, from $13.97 at Walmart; 3. Estate Stocking, $19.99 at Target; 4. Cow Parade Rug, from $377 at Walmart; 5. Camdon Fir Garland, $30.99 at Target; 6. Vaughn Sofa, $1399 at Crate&Barrel; 7. Ives Throw $69.95 at Crate&Barrel; 8. Felt Ornaments, $2 for 4 at Target; 9. Peace on Earth Pillow, $19 at Pottery Barn; 10. Ruffles Pillow, $29.95 at Pier 1.

Might give an actual update on what we've been up to once we figure out how to download pictures from our new camera... what camera comes without instructions??

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mellow Yellow

D finally agreed to let me paint the apartment!  Well, he did it in front of a colleague of mine, so I think he was just saying it to show off what a great husband he is.  Regardless, I'm going to hold him to it, so I think I want to start in the bedroom.

At the moment, our bedroom is Ikea based boring [not that Ikea stuff it bad, we just went neutral and blah [read: cheap]].  It's all in their black-brown color, very minimal.  We don't even have a door to the wardrobe, but that may or may not be because we forgot to pick on up on the day when we bought ALL of our furniture.

Since then [over 2 years ago] our bedroom hasn't changed much.  I bought a new duvet cover, we added a side table to Dan's side, and a bookshelf/tower to mine.  We have finally taken down the posters on the wall [as we're not college students anymore] and are putting up some framed photographs that we've taken on our travels.  So now I want to paint the walls before we put them up, but Dan's getting annoyed that the frames are still sitting on the floor, so it may have to be an afterthought.

Until then, I will dream of making our bedroom look like this:

If I could add this yellow door in somewhere, I would:

Both from

I'm trying to stick with yellow, as we already have yellow curtains for the window and the wardrobe, and I'm very thrifty cheap.  I think I might try to steal an unused pallet from work to make a rustic looking headboard from the wood.  We'll see.  I wouldn't mind spray painting the shelf that I have a nice steely color, but I think spray painting in the apartment is probably a bad idea [and Dan may freak out if he finds me passed out on the floor from the fumes...].  See below for where to buy!

In the UK:

1. Eiffel Tower Table, £165 at Graham & Green; 2. London Grey Framed Print, £60 at John Lewis; 3. Three Ball Glass Table lamp £35 at Marks & Spencer; 4. Romany Bedset, from £29.50 at Marks & Spencer; 5. Bologna Bench Seat, £149 at Debenhams; 6. Brimnes bed, £99 at Ikea; 7. Bantie Paradis Yellow and Black Cushion, £75 at Heals; 8. Persisk Kelim Gashgai Rug, £199 at Ikea; 9. Yellow Ball Vase £12 at Debenhams; 10. Ampersand Ornament, £25 at Marks & Spencer.

In the US:

1. Orbit Duvet Set, from $59.99 at Target; 2. Modern Serenity Vase, $12.99 at Target; 3. Reclaimed Wood Sculpture, $89.95 at Crate & Barrel;  4. Serena Table Lamp, $125 at Pier 1; 5. Grey and Gold Medallions Pillow, $34.95 at Pier 1; 6. Kattrup Rug, $99.99 at Ikea; 7. Starfish & Coral Wall Art, $14.99 each at Pier 1; 8. South Shore Bed, $129 at Walmart; 9. Norden Bench, $69.99 at Ikea; 10. Hayworth Nightstand, $179.99 at Pier 1.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cheese Danish

The title really has no bearing on what is below except that the item that is the focus of this post is Danish [and now I want a cheese danish...].

D and I went to Copenhagen WAY back in February, and besides being the home of Legos [which we got a bit too excited about]...

... it is also boast the birthplace of the Panton Chair, one of my all-time favorites.

My photography skills are legendary, I know.  Poor Dan was dragged to the design museum [ in case you were interested] on his birthday trip.  I could see him losing the will with every step he took.

Anyway, this got me thinking about our non-dining room, how much I want a Panton chair, and how to blend it with more traditional items to get my favorite eclectic look.  Then voila! 


I like the modern with traditional thing they've got going on.  The monochrome color scheme helps mix the styles as well.  When I showed it to Dan, he said nothing matches, but it wasn't awful, so that's a start.  I should get too precious about it, he did just pull out the remastered Beatles albums he got me for my birthday because he was tired of the talking on the radio... he's falling right into my trap.... mwah-ha-ha!

See below for where to buy.

In the UK:

1.  Pemberly Cross-Back Dining Chair, £89 at John Lewis; 2. Majvor seat pad, £7.99 at Ikea; 3. Trollsta sideboard, £259 at Ikea; 4. Chrome Tripod Floorlamp, £125 at M&S; 5. Panton S Chair, £189 John Lewis; 6. Printed Canvas Grandpa Clock, £69 at Graham & Green; 7. Sonoma Dark Extending dining Table, £599 at M&S; 8. Molnig ceiling light, £20.99 at Ikea.

In the US:

1. S Chair $139.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond; 2. Antique Black 2-Door Buffet, $129.99 at Target; 3. Planked Airplane Panels, $299.00 at Pottery Barn; 4. X-Back Chair, $169.99 for 2 at Target; 5. Casablanca Ebony Seat Cushion, $39 at Walmart; 6. Stanton Hills Hanging Sable Bronze Patina Chandelier, $246 Home Depot; 7. Allen Floor Lamp, $349 at Crate & Barrel; 8. Terravida dining table, $799 at Crate & Barrel.

So much for this happening every other day.  Next week, hopefully I have the after pics of the project that has been the bane of my existence for the past few months...  In the meantime, this is also what I thought of when I wrote "Cheese Danish":


Monday, 29 August 2011

How do your flowers grow?

Whoah!  Long time no see!  It's time for me to get back into the swing of things, as work is REALLY stressing me out, and I'm forgetting why I love design so much.  So I'm going to make a point to post something every other day, even if it's a quick blip to save my sanity...

So if you're anything like me, you are a flower murderer.  I'm like a homicidal maniac with flowers, pretty as they are.  My brown thumb really has nothing to do with this post, but I have found a flower trend that needs to be weeded out (see what I did there?): Vintage Flowers EVERYWHERE.

It's like Cath Kidston and Vera Bradley threw up all over my magazines, and in my favorite shops.  I'm sorry, but this trend will fade.  It was popular in the early 90's, and for some reason has come back into the light from it's very shallow grave.  The trend is invading every aspect of design at the moment from interiors:

To fashion:

 ... not that I wouldn't kill to be able to fit into either of those dresses...  but I really figure myself as more of a Joan Holloway than a Betty Draper...

That last one is me as a mad men character (go to:, it's way more fun than it should be...)

But I digress...

The key to getting the floral trend right is to do things in moderation, and be bold with your choices, a la the image below:

Lots of flowers, minimal gag reflex, doesn't feel like you're in your grandmothers living room with plastic covers on the couch.  See below to find out how and where to get everything (for cheap-ish) below!

In the UK:

1. Baily Medium Sofa in Heather, £999, John Lewis; 2. Pink Bird Candle Stick, £17.50 at Debenhams; 3. Lime Candle Holder, £20 at Debenhams; 4. Antler Head Wall Art, £55 at Marks&Spencer; 5. Inbloom Rug, £75-£225 at Marks&Spencer; 6. Red 'Felt Ripple' Cushion, £25.60 at Debenhams; 7. Swing Chair, Harlequin Rush 9363, £750 at John Lewis; 8. Fashion Vintage Eyelet Curtains, £75-£89 at Marks&Spencer; 9. Cream Rouch Flower Cushion, £17.60 at Debenhams.

In the US:

1. Burnham Floral Armchair, $499 at Target; 2. Assorted Bird Art, $19.99 each at Pier 1; 3. Turquoise Triangles Ceramic Vases, $24.99 & $39.95 at Pier 1; 4. Arbor Tree Sculpture, $40 at Target; 5. Surya Rug, from $89 at Macy's; 6. Klyne Sofa, $1199 at Crate&Barrel; 7. Thai Silk Pillow, $45 at Target; 8. IMAX Vera Rose Pillow, $50 at Walmart; 9. Wayborn Bamboo Coffee Table, $375 at Walmart.

I have been out of this for a while, so I have to admit that I have no idea where any of the above pictures com from, don't sue me!