Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Beginnings

I've started this blog to inspire myself and hopefully others with creative block.  I am an interior designer with nothing to design, so I hope by writing my thoughts and sharing some inspiration, I can push myself to create more [perhaps someone will pick up on my style and creativity and I'll get a job in the process]. I like to help people find inexpensive ways to make their home their own.  Through this outlet, I hope to not only keep up to date with retailers and current trends, but help others realize the potential of inexpensive furnishings so no one spends their life savings re-decorating their home.

To start with, the title of this blog 'Punkster Poodle' does not describe my style [I'm not a punk] or my adoration of poodles [not a huge fan].  It is a nickname that I was given by a combination of people.  It started as 'Punky' when my little brother couldn't say my name, and was berated with Punky Brewster in the late 80's.  It slowly morphed it's way into 'Punkin' by my parents, then to 'Punk' or 'Punkster' [which they still call me], and then to 'Punkster Poodle' and I'm still unsure of where the poodle came from...

I am an American living in London with my wonderful husband.  We have a nice little apartment in a great area of London, that I'm desperate to re-paint [all of the walls in this country are 'marigold' and it's disgusting... I have yet to find an interior that looks good in this color].  I am originally from Ogunquit, Maine, an amazing little tourist town in the Southern part of the state.  So with that, and to stave off homesickness and my overwhelming lobster cravings, I'm going to start with some nautical/New England inspiration.

This fun living room interior, taken from the Coastal Living website [] shows a brilliant mixing of color and pattern.  While red, white and blue tends to look a bit too patriotic in the US and UK [or anywhere with the colors on the flag for that matter] this interior is the perfect mix of modern and vintage.  I'm in love with that red striped chair.  If you do want to head in the more patriotic direction [I know that it's 'bang on trend' here in the UK at the moment] go for some cushions, or even flags if you want, to show your pride.  For where to buy similar versions of these items, US and UK, see below.

In the UK:  1. Sveje Rug. £8.99 at Ikea;  2. Liatorp Sofa Table. £129 at Ikea;  3. Blue Table Lamp. £2.24 at Argos;  4. Tokujin Yoshioka for Kartell Ami Ami Chair, Red. £132 at John Lewis;  5. Sailboats w/Hangers £7.50 at John Lewis;  6. Broadstairs Large Sofa, Blue Stripe.  £799 at John Lewis;  7. Windsor 8 Drawer Chest. £399 at Debenhams; 8. Coral Leaf Cushion. £16 at Debenhams;  9. Union Jack Cushion. £17.50 at Debenhams;  10. 3D Four Flower Cushion.  £35 at Marks & Spencer;  11. Red Boat Print.  £20-£240 at John Lewis.
Also check out the John Lewis Seaside Collection at

In the US:  1. Coral on Stand $14 at Pier1;  2. Indigo Stripe Slipcover $59.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond; 3. American Spirit 7 Drawer Dresser $759 at Macy's; 4. Svege Rug $12.99 at Ikea; 5. Two Umbrellas $37.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond;  6. Turquoise Glass Lamp $65 at Pier1;  7. Liatorp Sofa Table $199 at Ikea; 8. Isabella Dining Chair $139 at Crate & Barrel; 9. 3D Flowers Red Berry Pillow $24.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond; 10. Lucky Anchor Pillow $19.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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