Friday, 28 May 2010

Nappy Valley

So, they call this area of London 'Nappy Valley' [Diaper Valley for those of you who are Stateside].  You can not walk down the street for more than one minute without having to sidestep a baby stroller.  I think there's something in the water.  Since everyone and their mom [literally] that has walked into the shop today is wearing navy or red stripes, boat shoes, or some kind of polo shirt, I'll stick with the nautical theme and show off this cool nursery room that I found.

Taken from, I think the best part about this one is that it's fairly gender neutral [beside the fact that it says 'Luke' on the wall... it could easily say 'Lucy'].  I love that there's a mix of colors, not just red and blue, but there's some green and yellow, and variations of red and blue, like coral and teal.  The area rug really helps to tie everything together, and allows you to throw in whatever colors you want!  See below for where to buy!

In the UK: 1. Luca Cot, £69 at John Lewis; 2. Amy Table Lamp, £15 at John Lewis; 3. Barnslig Randig, £17.99 at Ikea; 4. Ektorp Jennylund, £149 at Ikea, 5. Deena Lamp Table, £149 at Habitat; 6. Guppy Rug, £95-£250 at John Lewis; 7. Tugboat Ornament, £20 at John Lewis; 8. APA Storage Box, £9.99 at Ikea

In the US: Graco Lauren Classic, $130 at Target; 2. Ass. Seashells Wall Art, $19.95 at Pier1; 3. Mainstays Chino Panel, Navy Stripe, $19.97 at Walmart; 4. Ektorp Jennylund, $229 at Ikea; 5. Mushroom Table, $79.99 at Target 8. Lusy Rug, $39.99 at Ikea; 9. Circo Toybox, $49.99 at Target; 10. Nova Lamp Base, $25 at Walmart.

Yes, I know I left off 6 & 7 in the US one, but it's less work to just pretend that I meant to do it...

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