Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blast from the Past

It has been a while since I was on here, and lots of things have happened for us.  For starters, we moved out of central London, and into the suburbs.  Secondly, I'm as big as a house - getting there anyway.

So, since we're only a couple of weeks away from D-day, we've had to do A LOT of work on the house/getting ready for the little monster to show himself... and I'll post pictures of the room makeovers very soon.

Until then, I've decided to get back into the blog-o-sphere [I hate myself], and go back to my old tried and true see-something-I-like-and-try-to-replicate-it-on-the-cheap.  So here it goes:

Image from

I love the mix of industrial in the dining chairs and retro in the accessories and accent chairs in the foreground... not to mention the burst of lime.  See below for where to buy...

In the UK:

1. Round Facet Mirror, £110 from Next; 2. Forte Table, £399 from; 3. Just Staggering Framed Print, £45 from Graham&Green; 4. Bertoia Dining Chair, £130 from; 5. Bourbon Vintage Cabinet, £199 from; 6. Mies van der Rohe Style Apple Green Barcelona Chair, £289 from; 7. Metal 'Home' Hanging Letters, £25 from Debenhams.

In the US:

1. Raie 3-Drawer Chest, $199.95 from Pier1; 2. Swan Swivel Chair, $249 from Walmart; 3. Malachy Mirror, $199 from Crate&Barrel; 4. Stretched Typography Canvas (Set of 3), $79 from Pottery Barn; 5. Shell Round Dining Table, $105 from Walmart; 6. Obbligato Chair, $182 for 2 from Walmart; 7. Decor Shapes, $11 from ACMoore.

That's all for now, but I'll try to be better... we'll see how that goes.

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