Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Time

So I haven't really thought about Christmas all that much this year.  Probably because I'm not going to be back home in Maine.  It becomes just another day when you're not in familiar territory [not that I haven't been in London-town for the past 3 Christmases, but it's unfamiliar all the same].  Nevertheless, I decided to decorate the apartment yesterday.  Nothing to crazy [although D thinks I go overboard... how easily he forgets what my parents house looks like this time of year], and nothing new to add to the collection [I can't believe you can't buy 'Fetus' First Christmas' ornaments].

Ha! Oh, so creepy... [but one of the many reasons I haven't been on here in quite some time].

Anyway... all of this Christmas talk got me thinking about my dream Christmas-y looking house, and I found this little gem:


I'm all about the traditional stuff when it comes to Christmas.  Real tree [though ours is fake because I cannot bring myself to buy one of the sad little trees around here], red, green and white everywhere, stockings hung by the chimney with care [again, we have no chimney, but they go where the chimney would have been had this house not been converted into 3 apartments].  I've thought this all through... but how cute is this area?  Not out-of-control Christmas crazy, but simple and sweet... and the furniture would look great any time of the year.

See below for where to get your Christmas on:

In the UK:

1. Slumber Sofa, £999 at Graham&Green; 2. Linen Snowflake Stocking, £15 at John Lewis; 3. Knodd Bin, £10.99 at Ikea; 4. Snowflake Heart Decoration, £2.99 at John Lewis; 5. Nathalie Chair, £499 at John Lewis; 6. Red Ribbed Throw, £20 at Debenhams; 7. Mistletoe Spruce Garland, £17.50 at Marks&Spencer; 8. Ludde Rug, £23.99 at Ikea; 9. Natural Felt Cushion, £28 at Debenhams; 10. Red London Markets Cushion, £24 at Debenhams.

In the US:

1. Mia Chair, $199 for 2 at Walmart; 2. Brick and Bamboo Bin, from $13.97 at Walmart; 3. Estate Stocking, $19.99 at Target; 4. Cow Parade Rug, from $377 at Walmart; 5. Camdon Fir Garland, $30.99 at Target; 6. Vaughn Sofa, $1399 at Crate&Barrel; 7. Ives Throw $69.95 at Crate&Barrel; 8. Felt Ornaments, $2 for 4 at Target; 9. Peace on Earth Pillow, $19 at Pottery Barn; 10. Ruffles Pillow, $29.95 at Pier 1.

Might give an actual update on what we've been up to once we figure out how to download pictures from our new camera... what camera comes without instructions??

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