Friday, 26 October 2012

Be our guest

Oh, how I love Disney movies... Lumiere, so suave...

Anyway, after that little bit of nostalgia, I fear it is time to move on to the guest bedroom budget breakdown.  This is one of the least expensive rooms that we did, so it actually won't be that bad... huzzah!

This is the last room that we did in the whole place because we actually had to sleep in there for the first couple of months that we lived in this house [it seems like a long time ago!].  The owners of the house wanted to get the carpets cleaned before we moved in, but their carpet cleaners never showed up, so we had to organize it ourselves once we moved in.  So as soon as we got all of our stuff moved into the house, the only thing that we put together was our bed, and we stayed in there until all of the carpets were cleaned [and we bought our shiny new bed]. 

This room was originally one of the owners little girls' rooms, so it had robin's egg blue walls, and a flowery blue/beige wallpaper on one of the walls.  It's a really awkwardly shaped room, so we couldn't layout the room as I had originally thought we could [it was hard to tell when there was only a single bed in there before].

By the time we finally got around to painting this room, I was 37 weeks pregnant, so D had to do almost all of it [I was getting really dizzy doing the master bedroom, so I had to take it easy when it came to this one].  I think it's safe to say he now hates painting.  Anyway, we bought the paint from Wickes [as per usual] and the color was Calico, which is basically beige.  I wanted something darker, like a mocha color, but it was just too dark for this room with the sloping ceiling and only one small window.  So we spent about £30 on paint for this room.  We really should have done the trim and cupboard doors in the white, , but D was fed up, so I let it slide...

All of the furniture in this room comes out of the old apartment, so we didn't have to but any of that once we moved in here.  The bed linens are from out old place too, so we didn't have to spend any extra on that either.  Funny side story: the wardrobe has no door on it because we never picked up the doors when we originally bought all of our furniture [EVERYTHING in our old apartment was from Ikea and we got it all in one day... actually we almost got divorced on that day... so stressful!].  Luckily we had two curtains that we had picked up for the bedroom and only needed one, so I bought a tension rod from the pound shop and used the other curtain panel as a cover for the wardrobe.  That wardrobe is only used for my work dresses and D's suits now, so we never bothered to buy the doors for the wardrobe.

The roller blind in this room was left behind by our landlords, and it works perfectly.  The pendant light is from John Lewis and we had that in the living room of our old place.   The artwork is my own, and really easy to do.  I just took some of our left over painters tape, and wrote out the words I wanted [In this case it's from All You Need is Love, by The Beatles... and if you didn't know that, shame on you!] on the top to our old pine TV unit.  I then painted over the tape in Wickes Raspberry [£1.50 for the tester pot].  I was going to pull the tape off to show the wood behind, but D really liked the look with the blue painters tape, so I left it, and I'm glad that I did!

 The mirror is new and that came from Ikea [£14.99], and the decorations on the dresser are knick-knacks that we already had from trips/various places that we've lived.  The candle on the left was a gift from my sister-in-law from Lithuania, the tea-light holders are from Ikea, and the Dala horse is from one of my many trips to Sweden [I'm a little obsessed].  That clock is one of the many clocks that D has spread around the house... seriously, we have about 15 clocks in this place...  It looks a little sparse, but I do have a few things to add so it doesn't look like the mirror is a mile above the dresser...

The framed prints on the short wall were all ripped out of a book that I have [Tricia Guild, Inspiration].  It has a lot of really colorful images inside meant to inspire interior design [I really think it's just a promo to use Designers Guild fabrics/wallpapers], so I cut them out and put them in our left-over Ikea Ribba frames, and scattered them across the wall.

I made a couple more Beatles inspired artworks for the wall behind the bed, I just haven't put them up yet...  This was a really easy project.  I just took the sides from the TV unit [the same one that I made the pink love artwork from before], printed out some bird silhouettes that I found online, cut them out and stuck them to the boards.  I then painted around them using a tester pot of Wickes Sweetcorn [£1.25] , then pulled off the bird to leave a wooden silhouette.  I then glued on a couple of branches that I cut from the back yard and wrote the lyrics to one of my favorite Beatles songs [Blackbird] in black permanent marker.  With drying time this whole project only took a couple of hours, and they look really cool [I think!].  Now to get them up on the wall...

So that's it!  I'd like to buy a little rug/runner for this room, but it's totally not necessary, so I'll wait until I find something that I really like.  It's just the guest room anyway, and the only people that have ever used it are my parents... and I don't foresee anyone else using it [unless someone wants to come visit!].  Total cost for this room: £17.99.  Bargain!

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