Tuesday, 21 August 2012

House tour preview.

Since I said [months ago] that I would show off the house, here's a little preview of what it looks like [looked like, actually... pre-baby].

Here is part of the living area:

This is the guest bedroom:

Here is part of the master bedroom:

And my favorite [unused] room - the nursery:

There's still a bit to do in the bedrooms upstairs [just some decorations left to put up, really], but at the time I was too pregnant to finish, and now the little monster is out and takes most of his naps face first into mommy's boobies [what better pillows are there, really?], so it may be a while - unless daddy wants to give mommy some work time over the holiday weekend... hint, hint... daddy doesn't read this...

I'll go into detail about the rooms over time also.  We have some pretty cool landlords that let us paint the bedrooms, and we didn't actually spend too much on new stuff when we moved in [we're both cheap budget conscious, and I like refinishing furniture/making stuff up as I go], so it may serve as a good how-to go from a one bedroom shoebox to a three bedroom house on the cheap a budget.

We're not cheap...

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