Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cheese Danish

The title really has no bearing on what is below except that the item that is the focus of this post is Danish [and now I want a cheese danish...].

D and I went to Copenhagen WAY back in February, and besides being the home of Legos [which we got a bit too excited about]...

... it is also boast the birthplace of the Panton Chair, one of my all-time favorites.

My photography skills are legendary, I know.  Poor Dan was dragged to the design museum [ in case you were interested] on his birthday trip.  I could see him losing the will with every step he took.

Anyway, this got me thinking about our non-dining room, how much I want a Panton chair, and how to blend it with more traditional items to get my favorite eclectic look.  Then voila! 


I like the modern with traditional thing they've got going on.  The monochrome color scheme helps mix the styles as well.  When I showed it to Dan, he said nothing matches, but it wasn't awful, so that's a start.  I should get too precious about it, he did just pull out the remastered Beatles albums he got me for my birthday because he was tired of the talking on the radio... he's falling right into my trap.... mwah-ha-ha!

See below for where to buy.

In the UK:

1.  Pemberly Cross-Back Dining Chair, £89 at John Lewis; 2. Majvor seat pad, £7.99 at Ikea; 3. Trollsta sideboard, £259 at Ikea; 4. Chrome Tripod Floorlamp, £125 at M&S; 5. Panton S Chair, £189 John Lewis; 6. Printed Canvas Grandpa Clock, £69 at Graham & Green; 7. Sonoma Dark Extending dining Table, £599 at M&S; 8. Molnig ceiling light, £20.99 at Ikea.

In the US:

1. S Chair $139.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond; 2. Antique Black 2-Door Buffet, $129.99 at Target; 3. Planked Airplane Panels, $299.00 at Pottery Barn; 4. X-Back Chair, $169.99 for 2 at Target; 5. Casablanca Ebony Seat Cushion, $39 at Walmart; 6. Stanton Hills Hanging Sable Bronze Patina Chandelier, $246 Home Depot; 7. Allen Floor Lamp, $349 at Crate & Barrel; 8. Terravida dining table, $799 at Crate & Barrel.

So much for this happening every other day.  Next week, hopefully I have the after pics of the project that has been the bane of my existence for the past few months...  In the meantime, this is also what I thought of when I wrote "Cheese Danish":


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