Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Living room update

I've decided that I'm just going to paint, then ask questions later.  I'm sure that my expert painting abilities will increase the value of the flat and thereby please our landlord [this is how I'm rationalizing it to myself anyway].  If they don't like it, I'll repaint it in the piss color that it is now before we go - which won't be any time soon.

Our living room is currently a bit blah.  I'm trying to jazz it up with some coral and turquoise [in our cushions, accessories, artworks, etc.].  I'll give you a little taster of the stuff I have so far:

The worst part are the walls, carpet and the sofa [affectionately referred to as 'the turd'].  To finish it off, I want to paint the walls and buy/make a slipcover for the sofa, since we can't do anything about the rug.  Since we don't plan on living here forever, we don't want to invest too much into any of our furnishings [hence the Ikea furniture], but I am handy enough to make most things myself.  The side tables are hand-me-downs from the in-laws, that I've repainted and covered in tiles [not bad for my first try... it looks better in the picture than it does in real life], total cost £30 for the set.  I got the blue spotted cushions at work for £10 a piece [50% off!], and the coral cushions I got at Debenhams for £12.50 each [SALE!].  I put up the shelf myself [v. easy] for about £20 at Homebase, and the fake plant on the left and A4 black frame and plant pot on the right [ignore the dead plant inside] from Homebase as well for about £15.  The turquoise frames on the left, fish bottle and wood block on the right are from TK Maxx [just like TJ Maxx stateside] for about £16, and all the candles were gifts [we love free stuff!].  I put together the frames on the wall of all of my favorite musicians [and The Boss for D] using some of my magazine cut-outs, printed black and white photos, and cheap-o Ikea frames.  We're getting there.

 This is what I would like it to look like:

from House of Design & StyleMarjorie Skouras Designs, Apartment Therapy, and House of Turquoise

Elements from each anyway.  I like the idea of painting one section in coral, with white and turquoise accents.  I LOVE clusters of artworks, and if I could afford that gorgeous chandelier, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Now I just need to find a good color for the walls, and slipcover for the sofa [or some fabric and a sewing machine].

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